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Polygamy.org is a digital resource created in 2013, dedicated to the survivors of polygamy. This website is an on-going project by individuals whom left Mormon polygamy with the goal of empowering survivors while providing education, prevention, and resources to the public.

Our Administration consists of individuals who left Mormon polygamy.  We are former plural wives, believe the abuses within polygamy cannot be stopped until polygamy is stopped. We also believe that education is key to making the changes for the future of so many trapped in this abusive patriarchal system.

We also believe that important issues concerning polygamy are being left outside public discourse. By developing and maintaining Polygamy.org, this gives us the ability to add to the public dialogue.




Breaking News

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said ``the state intends to appeal a federal judge's decision that struck down key parts of the state's polygamy laws``.


  Utah: The New Safe Haven for Polygamists

The recent court ruling to decriminalize polygamy was not about the victims of polygamy nor the abuses they have endured, but rather it is about the continued empowerment of male privilege in the state of Utah. The one-sidedness of this hearing, and its decision, should be an embarrassment to all citizens in the state of Utah, and the United States.

The decision to decriminalize polygamy gives permission for all polygamists throughout the United States to find sanctuary, from the law, by living in the state of Utah.  While the rest of the country is moving towards equality, Utah is moving backwards because of their historical and religious beliefs in polygamy.

There is a long history in Utah of implicit inequality, and lack of women’s rights.  In light of the AG’s office representing the state in this matter, amid a current criminal investigation of two former Utah Attorney Generals’ who supported the “Safety Net” for polygamists, we believe justice can only be served from the legal system outside of UtahMore

Read out letter to Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes regarding the need to appeal Judge Waddoups decision.




Immediate Help Needed

Attorney Needed


One of the greatest needs that individuals have when leaving polygamy is finding and securing legal help.  Often a polygamist has access to an attorney within his group, or he can pay for an outside attorney.  However, individuals leaving polygamy do NOT have equal access to legal services.  In fact, they can rarely find legal services specialized in the area of polygamy.  Many Judges in Utah refuse to even allow the word “POLYGAMY” to be used in the courtroom.

Polygamous Refugees Need Your Help

Common legal scenarios include: Mothers’ losing their children to a polygamous cult, court ordered child-custody visitation for a polygamist father, mothers’ taking their children into a polygamous group to live without the father’s consent, divorce,  and property settlements.

There is a desperate need for pro-bono Attorneys.   We encourage you to be part of Polygamy.org network of service providers making a difference in the lives of polygamy survivors.

Present Examples:

Case 1: Mother wants custody of her children trapped within polygamous community.

Case 2: Mother wants custody of her children trapped within polygamous community.

Case 3: Family wants to move from their home in a polygamous community.




Debunking Contemporary Polygamy Myths

number-1  Decriminalizing or legalizing polygamy would bring abuse out into the open.

number-2  Abuse doesn’t happen as much in polygamy as it does in monogamy.

number-3  Authorities are cracking down on crimes within polygamy.

number-4  Gay marriages were legalized, so polygamy will be next.

number-5  Modern-day Mormons don’t believe in polygamy anymore.

number-6  Polygamists are forced into isolation because of persecution.

number-7  Polygamists should be left alone to enjoy their culture.

number-8  Polygamy is protected under freedom of religion.

number-9  Love is multiplied in polygamy, not divided.

number-10  Polygamy is consensual among adults.