Originally posted September 27, 2013 · 3:47 pm

T.L.C. doesn’t stand for The Learning Channel…it stands for The Love Channel of Polygamy

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Disclaimer: We are not polygamist haters or bashers.  We simply do not believe polygamy and love can co-exist without hurting family members.

We have to be honest, when we found out there was going to be two more TLC Shows about polygamy, we thought, “The media really knows how to bilk sensationalism!”

Instead of being disgusted, like we were, we should have been jumping for joy.  Two new reality shows! This time the focus will be on those who have left the FLDS polygamous group—and helping others escape—O’ happy day!  Especially, since it’s time the public start watching something other than the pro-polygamy “Sister Wives” selling their jewelry, and whining about the money they don’t have.

Flora Jessop is going to be featured helping others leave the FLDS polygamous community, and so are  a group of teenagers who also had the courage to survive by creating new lives outside of polygamy.  It’s tough to pick yourselves up from your own bootstraps, especially when you don’t have any to begin with! Still, something was gnawing at Polygamy.org . . .

None of TLC poster families for polygamy are from the FLDS group.  They are all Mormon Fundamentalists, except for the Brady family (who was recently aired on TLC), who left a polygamous group.  So why isn’t TLC shinning a light on these polygamous groups? Why does TLC, and their money-making love child, the Brown family, continually point a finger at the FLDS group?

One reason TLC may be painting the Jeffs group with a broad stroke is because of DIVERSION TACTIC 101.  By shining a light on the darker-side of polygamy, Kody Brown, and other polygamists are trying to avoid being brushed with the same broad stroke.  Instead they desire to fit into society, and make polygamy look like just another alternative lifestyle.

What the Browns’, and other polygamous families, don’t understand is while there are different shades of people, different shades of abuse within polygamy, there is only one shade of polygamy—it’s illegal. If Utah decriminalized one polygamist, they would have to decriminalize all polygamy.  Drawing attention to someone else, or another polygamous group, who are committing illegal crimes within polygamy is a public-relations strategy to sway the public into believing it isn’t polygamy that is the culprit, it’s deviants like Warren Jeffs who practice it the wrong way, you know, “the ones’ over there.”  (Jeffs, the leader of the FLDS group, is in prison for life for raping two underage girls, who he forced to become his plural wives).

Do we really believe that TLC got a sudden dose of ethics by creating two new polygamy shows, or are they finding another way to try and mislead the public into believing that the lifestyle of Kody Brown, and his cohorts, are just like your next door neighbors?

We disagree with polygamist Kody Brown, who says love is to be multiplied not divided.  The multiplication in polygamy only works on Kody’s behalf, while the wives and children must divide his time and resources.

There is enough evidence that proves when females are systematical treated with inequality, without any checks and balances, no matter what culture, no matter what family dynamics, abuse will exist due to discrimination.

In the Mormon religion where we came from there was a scripture that read, “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to practice unrighteous dominion.” (Doctrine & Covenants 121:39)

Polygamy is not about a certain personality, it a structural hierarchy that gives males the authority to build a relationship based on power and control.